2. JAVARA: What is sustainable business which preserves food diversity in Indonesia?


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JAVARA: What is sustainable business which preserves food diversity in Indonesia?


Ryota Inoue
Kasumi Dinsey
Chintya Bamby
JAVARA recognizes the wide variety of Indonesia's cultivation product, especially ones that are indigenous and organic. Their business model is fair to the farmers that they help (both financially and strategically) to maintain their products. By visiting JAVARA, I got to know that we can be a socio-entrepreneur, a term that is so interesting because socio-entrepreneur combines supporting a good cause while getting profit for our business. Not only that, JAVARA opened my eyes. I'm so proud of my country's indigenous food heritage and I'm trying my best to purchase local products!

Did you know Indonesia has 17,000 islands?
Because it is constructed with so many islands, every region, or even every islands has its own culture regarding cloths, food, housing, and language.
Similar to Indonesia, Japan also has traditional culture in every region and is thought to be important, isn’t it?

However, currently in Indonesia, it is filled with cheep product created by mass production, and traditional organic product is difficult to find. Also, farmers cannot do without artificial fertilizer, pesticides, coloring, preservation, and GMO. Therefore, traditional products which are adopted to that land and is creating diversity, are decreasing.

JAVARA, meaning champion in Sanskrit, which will be introduced in this article, are established in 2008 to solve these problems above. JAVARA is not just selling products. Together with people in every region, they preserve Indonesia’s diverse product by selling “story of the product”.

Activity of JAVARA

Mission of JAVARA is “Keep Alive Indonesia’s Food Biodiversity Heritage. Revive Pride and Dignity of Smallholder Farmers”. To achieve this, JAVARA buys products directly from producers with fair price. Then they innovate by giving attractive package to sell in the market.

Not only providing fair price, JAVARA also offers support to health insurance, getting organic certification, and even advice to start new business. However, JAVARA’s first priority is to avoid them becoming too dependent on JAVARA, and them to have
pride in their work.

Today, JAVARA works with over 50000 small house farmers, and sells more than 600 products. also more than 3000 food artisians are getting training by JAVARA to create safe and high quality product1.
JAVARA seems to have no problem. However, sometimes the producing of product stops due to bad weather or appearing of other company buying products from producer in higher price than JAVARA. How to deal with these kinds of problem is JAVARA’s next assignment.

So, What kind of sustainable management system do they have?
JAVARA’s target is middle-high consumers who are interested in organic farming. 75% of their sales are in foreign market. JAVARA’s co-founder Mr. put emphasis on expanding online shops in the near future. Definitely, there is trend of being conscious about health is spreading to people in middle-high class in developing country. Therefore targeting middle-high class with consciousness toward food is accurate.
JAVARA allocate the benefit among JAVARA, farmer, retailer and others. 30% of benefit is for farmer, from 25% to 30 % is for JAVARA, from 15% to 20% is for retailers such as supermarket, and 20% is for others. These profit distribution makes JAVARA run business sustainability and at the same time, they solve a social problem.

Currently, JAVARA is the world’s one of the most famous social enterprise which put effort in organic farming. They have variety of organic product ranging from natural food such as honey, rice, salt, and tea to natural product such as dry noodle colored with organic vegetable and coconut product. They have their product online but also in .Why not visit JAVARA when you visit Indonesia?

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