2. YCAB Foundation: What is YCAB foundation, which breaks the cycle of poor through education like?


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YCAB Foundation: What is YCAB foundation, which breaks the cycle of poor through education like?


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Got a chance to visit YCAB headquarter, Sulistyaning Palupijati or well known as Palupi welcomed as well and got nice time to interview her about YCAB. Palupi is one of YCAB’s staffs. She handles HOPE Project of YCAB, spesifically Assitant to Program Director to HOPE Project. Her job descriptions are to coordinate and supervise all division under HOPE Project doing well, to prepare budget regarding to all projects under HOPE, to create and maintain relationship with external parties, and to create technical strategy and long term strategy for HOPE.

What is YCAB foundation like?

YCAB foundation focuses on education and micro finance. YCAB foundation was established
by Veronica Colondam on August 13th, 1999. The reason why she established YCAB foundation was she worried about an increasing rate of youth engagement into risky behavior such as using drug and she worried that there were many children who drop-out of school. The fact that she has 2 children and she worried whether her 2 children engage into the risky behavior was one of the reason of establishment of YCAB foundation. Veronica’s final goal is to let children lead an independent life.

Vision and Mission of YCAB foundation

YCAB’s vision is “to love and enable youth through hope and opportunity”. There are three
missions in order to achieve their vision. 1. To enable youth through holistic youth development programs where education and access to finances converge to enable sustainable independence. 2. To implement an inclusive and innovative approach that brings clear results and measurable impact. 3. To inspire and enable other like-minded organizations by fostering public-private partnership.

The situation in which Indonesian children are

The situation is that one out of two children dropout of school and 30 % of the children whose
age is 5 to 14 are forced to work as a child labor. The number of the children is 9 million. The examples of the cause of this situation are that parents cannot pay fare of transportation, children have to help their parents’ job, or children have to work in order to help their family’s income.

Happening of a cycle of poor

That children are not educated created a cycle of poor. The cycle is 1. There are many
children who cannot be educated. 2. When the children grew up they cannot find job as a result they cannot earn money. 3. They cannot let their children go to school. The cycle continues endlessly.

The action of YCAB foundation for breaking the cycle of poor

YCAB foundation believe that it is education that can break the cycle of poor and then, YCAB
foundation established the new cycle in order to let children concentrate on study. The cycle is firstly YCAB foundation lend mothers money, and then mothers can access to capital and their income become stable as a result children can concentrate on study. In addition, YCAB foundation offer children job therefore children can be independent.

Business unit

Business unit is important thing which support the program of YCAB foundation and this is
independent enterprise. Today, there are 3 business units in YCAB foundation. First one is YADA, which was established in 2000. YADA manufactures robotic animal ride and export it worldwide. Second one is Terrazone, which was established in 2011 and is a family entertainment outlet that operates in department store and malls in Indonesia. Last one is Beauty Inc. , which was established in 2007 and is specializing in non-invasive treatment using FDA-approved technology such as radio frequency, laser, and mesotherapy. These three units offer jobs to the children who are from YCAB Rumah Belajar (Learning Center)


YCAB Foundation