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Miki Hojo
Noa Iiboshi
I think coming up with an idea to use automatic fish feeders to contribute to the society is something only Mr. Huzaifah, a former fish farmer, can do. I'm looking forward to the day when the technique and system are applied to the field of agriculture!

“Fish is one of the cheapest protein source for people in Indonesia, especially in rural area. A highly sustainable farming system is necessary in order to secure food supply.” Mr. Gibran Huzaifah, a young entrepreneur based in Bandung, Indonesia, passionately stated in an interview conducted on March 14th, 2016 in his office. From a warm smile on his face and his friendly personality, one might not guess that his invention, eFishery, an automatic fish feeder, has been recognized both domestically and internationally, and also has received first place in numerous business competitions.

Using automatic fish feeders to increase productivity at fish farms is a common tactic used in a fish farming business. So, what makes eFishery stand out from other automatic fish feeders? There are three notable characteristics of the feeder. First, a smart sensor attached to the feeder sense fish’s appetite and automatically adjust the amount of feed. One of the serious problems faced by fish farmers in Indonesia today is decrease in water quality and low productivity due to overfeeding of fish. Not only does overfeeding result in increase of feeding cost, but also in decrease of profits after a harvest. A smart sensor sensing fish’s appetite by movement and sound enables prediction of the adequate amount of feed and prevention of excessive feeding. Second, information collected by the feeder, such as numbers of fish in a pond, frequency and amount of feed, and water quality, often help fish farmers take out a loan from banks or buy insurance. When fish farmers try to take out a loan to expand their business or buy insurance in case of natural disasters, distrust from banks or insurance companies prevents them from doing so. Information which proves productivity of fish farmers, therefore, provides assistance when fish farmers make attempts to lend money or buy insurance. Third, eFishery is affordable compared to other feeders with similar functions. For example, an automatic fish feeder from Australia has similar functions as eFishery, such as a data collecting mechanism and a smart sensor to measure fish’s appetite, but it costs about 5,000 USD while eFishery costs about 400-700 USD. Advanced features and affordability of eFishery can attract many rural fish farmers in Thailand, Vietnam, India and other countries where a demand for an automatic fish feeders is very high.

Despite the difficulties eFishery as a company is encountering, such as hiring talented and skilled staff members and manufacturing high quality products domestically, Mr. Huzaifah is hopeful for the future of eFishery. He hopes for eFishery to become the platform for aquaculture and fish business, and he also takes a great interest in applying the technique of eFishery to agriculture and inventing an automatic feeder for livestock.

With the existence of the internet and previous examples of young social entrepreneurs, starting a business to change social situations as one of the career oprions is becoming more and more familiar for younger generations. When he was asked for an advice for future entrepreneurs, Mr. Huzaifah said, “Start early and start small.” This simple yet powerful statement suggests to start now from small things if one wants to make a positive contribution to the world.



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