2. Amygdala Bamboo: Promote Empathic Design and Help More!


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Amygdala Bamboo: Promote Empathic Design and Help More!


Young, creative, unlimited, out of the box, and passionate to solve social problems. Those are my impressions to Harry, the founder of Amygdala Bamboo. It was a coencidence, since he was the winner of Social Business competition conducted by Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (SDF) and we wanted to interview him. We considered Harry as the beneficiary of SDF, but actually he bring more benefits to the bamboo craftmen that work and cooperate with Amygdala Bamboo. I see a bright future of Social Entrepreneurship in Indoensia.
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Bamboo is one of the cheapest materials used by people for different kind of functions. The unlimited creativity can make bamboo become high end products that has premium prices. At the same time, it can bring a better quality of life for the bamboo craftsmen and that is how Amygdala Bamboo takes part on solving social problems.

CEO of Amygdala Bamboo, Harry A. Mawardi

The first competition on social enterprises called Anugerah Jawara Wirausaha Sosial Bandung (AJWSB) in Bandung City was conducted in November 2015. The competition hosted by Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (SDF) and Bandung Social Innovator Circle (BaSIC). There were 12 finalists chosen from the competition and one of the winners for startup category was Amygdala Bamboo. With slogan “Bamboo for Your Everyday Life “, Amygdala Bamboo declares themselves as a social enterprise that creates products from bamboo for home decors and fashion items as their signatures. As the participant of startup category, Amygdala Bamboo already started their business since March 2014. The business started from the idea of the managing Director, Harry A. Mawardi. As researcher of bamboo from Institute Technology of Bandung, Harry worries that most of creative idea related to bamboo such as research papers, journals, and bamboo product prototypes only end up as a display. Besides, it is already his personal goal to be a person who helps the society.

Do not want to waste creative ideas and efforts done by the bamboo craftsmen on making the prototypes, Harry established Amygdala Bamboo. He wants to make this social enterprise to become a place for the craftsmen to earn better income, to have a better life quality, and at the same time to improve their capabilities. Currently, Amygdala Bamboo has 8 craftsmen that working in their workshop in Garut City. Empathic design method is the approach used by Amygdala Bamboo. In short, it means that the company trust and create design based on craftsmen capability. To promote their product, Amygdala Bamboo uses most of social media such as blog, instagram, and facebook. They also have cooperation with several home decor shops in Jakarta and Bali. Through this marketing ways, their omzet for a month reach IDR 30.000.000- 40.000.000.

The craftsmen processing bamboo products. (Photo courtesy of Amygdala Bamboo)

As one of the winners of AJWSB 2015, Amygdala Bamboo received several benefits from the event. The biggest benefit is to get media coverages (TV, Radio, newspaper, and online news portal ). It is an effective way to promote and to market their business since they have very limited human resources. They also get prize money, business training, and linked to British Council by SDF to get mentoring for 6 months about social enterprise. The training from British Council helped Amygdala Bamboo to win their second award as Best of the Best on Wirausaha Muda Mandiri 2016. It is a competition for young entrepreneurs from all around Indonesia conducted by Bank Mandiri.

In the future, with the prize money they get from Wirausaha Muda Mandiri 2016, Harry wants to expand their business. Amygdala Bamboo also wants to work with more craftsmen villages around West Java. By expanding the business, they want to fill high demands of the bamboo products, and at the same time give impacts to more people in needs.

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Amygdala Bamboo

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